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Including children in to a wedding

Ring Bearers have been done, but Ring Security? That is a new trend that I definitely buy into.

A few weeks a go Reverend Rick Sutherland arrived at a wedding venue in North Texas to officiate a wedding. During planning the challenge was how to develop a creative new way to involve children in wedding ceremonies. Ring security was one of the ways we had discuss in the planning stages of the ceremony.

Many couples want to involve children in their ceremonies, but wonder how best to include them. my advice? Ask them! Some flower girls would rather spend your ceremony in the flowerbeds than put on a frilly dress. And from experience, if you try and force little Elizabeth to wear the dress, the flower bed is where she’ll end up. Dress and all.

And you may find that little Logan you love would rather not be the center of attention during that walk down the aisle. Knowing that before the wedding day will save you the pre-walk attack of shyness. Perhaps Logan can be the bride’s personal body-guard or usher only the very important guests to their seats. Either way, I’m sure he has some ideas. Some ideas might involve dinosaurs or surf boards, but with some gentle steering in the right direction, you can work out his role together.

Developing a unique approach for involvement and a "featured" role in the service translated in to a unique ring bearer for this service. Now that wedding ring is secured!

So, when it comes to kids- involve them in the planning. You’d be surprised and amused by the ideas children come up with for their role in your wedding ceremony.

How would you involve children of any age in your ceremony? Let me know in the comments below.

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