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Wedding Etiquette- How not to be that "one guest"!

It goes without saying that a wedding is about two people celebrating. As a wedding guest, you represent the happy couple, so maximize your guest etiquette by following these simple tips.

Always RSVP When you receive a wedding invitation, skim it and toss it aside to read more in-depth later. Pay close attention to the RSVP deadline, and respond ASAP to let the soon-to-be-married couple know if you'll be attending the wedding. This helps prevent a shortage of seats, food, and unnecessary headaches for the soon-to-be-married couple. Don’t Bring Extra Guests The invitation you received should state whether you are welcome to bring a plus one (and you should reply accordingly). Unless it says you can bring a guest, never bring anyone. This includes your adorable children, as many weddings these days are kids-free. If the bride and groom wanted more people there, they would have extended that in their invitation. Pay Attention to the Dress Code Nothing feels more awkward than showing up underdressed to a formal wedding where everyone else is in Black Tie attire. Always dress for the venue and follow the instructions given by the bride and groom. And please, if you want to wear a dress, skirt, blouse or even a nice pantsuit, make sure it’s not white, ivory or any shade of “bride”. It’s her day to sparkle in white, so choose another color for your attire. Be on Time Even if you know the groom is habitually late, plan to be at the ceremony at least 20 minutes before it’s scheduled to begin. Sneaking in isn’t a thing—especially if there are doors to open and aisles to walk down.


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